Friday Dec. 7 – Sunday Dec. 9 2017


If you want rust? We got it! Last week we added “Rust Row” outdoors, almost 1 ton of brackets, tools, pipes, sprockets and other goodies useful in your shop or just plain old yard art! I am bringing down another load including a very very cool home made BBQ, a trailer axle with tires, a pneumatic piston from a wood splitter, some gray barn or fence wood and much much more!

Also in store we have purchased out several other sales so plenty of merchandise including an entertainment center, a dresser, a 30″ television, plenty of household items.

VINTAGE WOMEN’S WESTERN CLOTHES ARE HERE! Yes! 100′s of pieces of women’s clothing have been added to our inventory including many embroidered shirts and some hip 70′s polyester suits.

PLANTS! We got plants! Over 200 water wise succulent and cactus plants that are great for those who live in confined spaces or if you are just looking for an inexpensive durable Christmas gift! Plenty of other items for the garden as well so stop on by this weekend and see what we have!


Black Friday in Bakersfield

Black Friday 2012 we will have some great new, different and some unusual merchandise. Stop by and find your inner Bohemian! This Friday (Nov. 23, 2012) negotiate any deal over $1 and use the word “Bohemian” to save an additional $1!

Now Open Weekends

Kern County Most Wanted is now open Friday through Sunday from 9AM – 3PM! We just got a shipment of new stuff in, you won’t know what I got if you don’t stop by!If you’ve visited already there’s plenty of new stuff and I rearranged some of the stuff so I’m sure there’s treasure you missed the first time!

We’ve got a new girl Sissy working for us and she’s a doll so stop on by and introduce yourself!