What is Kern County Most Wanted?

So you were interested enough to stop by, maybe you wanted to see if the police were looking for you, or to report a tip to the cops. Sure, we have provided useful links to those resources for you and maybe a few you didn’t think about but this site isn’t really about that.

My name is Shawn Gilbert and I started Kern County Most Wanted to buy and sellĀ  antiques, collectibles, oddities, scrap or just about anything useful (or useless) that you can think of. I’m also setting up a paid online classified ad system for items I’m just not interested in or if we can’t get together on price. With craigslist out there, you might ask why would somebody pay for an online classified ad, well first off almost all of us have heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” Now how many times have you had an ad on craigslist and had it marked as spam simply because someone doesn’t like your ad or wants to sell their similar item first? Or found out your ad got buried in the listings because some spammer posted his or her ad 25 times? It’s not that that cannot happen here, but if someone has to pay for an advertisement, you can be pretty sure they won’t get carried away if they have to pay for each of their ads. That should keep our classifieds neat and tidy, and make it easier for a potential buyer to find your ad.

Another thing I will be adding shortly is locating services for antiques and collectibles. You see I am an active picker who sees a lot of merchandise plus the traffic I am getting through the website can help me find what you’re looking for.

Also, if you are considering liquidation or disposal of an estate, while not a licensed appraiser I can assist you with a consultation on how to value your items or you can contract me to conduct the sale.

Finally, if you’ve seen one of my super cool Kern County Most Wanted tee shirts and want one for yourself, you can order one here, or visit one of the retailers we will be adding shortly to the site.